The Capital of Japan

Tokyo is the capital of Japan. Often, Tokyo is known to people as a city but it is actually an area or governed as metropolitan prefecture. Within this prefecture, there are 23 wards. As of 2014 there are approximately 37.8 million people living in Tokyo.

Tokyo has a mixed type of cities. Busy commercial district has very modern buildings, whereas once you move away from the city, you’ll see many residential areas.

Public transport experience in Tokyo is a world-class. There are numerous train lines, subways and buses. You will also see many taxis around if you ever need to get to somewhere where public transport doesn’t reach.


Shibuya - 渋谷

Shibuya is one of the busiest cities in Japan. It has everything from department stores, restaurants, bars & clubs to Japanese unique shops such as hedgehog cafes, anime shops, etc.

If you’re after the latest fashion for younger generation, the 109 building is the best place to go. There are over 100 stores in the building.

Opened in November 2019, Shibuya sky is a new building complex full of restaurants and shops. You can go to the top of this highest building in Shibuya to enjoy the 360 degree view of Shibuya city.

The famous Shibuya crossing where estimated 500,000 people uses each day, is located just outside of Shibuya station.


Shinjuku - 新宿

Shinjuku Station is known as the world’s busiest train station in terms of passenger throughput with 3.5 million people passing through its doors every day.

It is very busy similar to Shibuya and Ikebukuro but people visiting this area on average are slightly older age than people who visit Shibuya. Due to this there are more fashion stores and department stores aimed at mature people compared to Shibuya.

Kabukicho is a famous entertainment district best known for adult-oriented night life – bars, clubs and other entertainment complex. The Robot Restaurant is one of popular places to visit for tourists, and is famous for pop-culture show with robotic monsters, dancers & lasers.


Odaiba - お台場

Odaiba is a large man made island in Tokyo Bay with many popular shopping malls and entertainment area. There are indoor theme parks such as Legoland and Tokyo Joy Polis which you can enjoy no matter what weather. If you’re into cars, there is Mega Web theme park by Toyota where you can view and experience riding next-generation technologies.

It also has hot spring (Onsen) called Odaiba Oedo Onsen Monogatari. Once you pay an admission fee, you change into Yukata – Japanese traditional bathrobe and able to access different baths in the complex.

You can catch a monorail, bus or sightseeing boat to access Odaiba.


Asakusa - 浅草

Sensoji Temple is the symbol of Asakusa. It is the oldest temple in Tokyo and the most popular landmark of the city. Nakamise, which is the street between the entrance gate to Sensoji temple, has many local shops and cafes. There are many great products for souvenir so highly recommended. Outside the Sensoji temple, there are many traditional restaurants including tempura restaurants which is highly recommended.


Akihabara - 秋葉原

Akihabara is famous for its amazing number of electronics shops, anime and game stores. It is a very unique and probably the only city in the world with this many electronics & hobby stores in a condensed area.

Maid cafes are popular amongst locals and tourists. Here, waitresses wear cute maid uniforms and treat their customers like masters.

If you love Gundam (robot anime in Japan), you can visit Gundam Cafe, where you can enjoy Gundam themed food and drinks. The staff are wearing cosplay of Gundam characters, and there are figurines that you can view and enjoy.

The famous Japanese idol group, AKB48 is from Akihabara and you can visit it’s official cafe & shop.


Ikebukuro - 池袋

Ikebukuro is located in northwest of Tokyo. Ikebukuro Station is the third-busiest station in Japan, and the world. There are Seibu and Tōbu department stores around the station.

Sunshine City, a large shopping and entertainment complex not far from the station, is a very popular destination for locals and tourists. The indoor theme park Namco Namja Town has exciting rides and entertainment. Sunshine aquarium is a 3 level aquarium with many marine creatures.


Harajuku - 原宿

Famous for it’s unique fashion, Harajuku is a city full of fashion and cafes for young generation. There are shops that sell trendy youth fashion as well as vintage clothing stores. You will see on the street people that are wearing cosplay or uniquely dressed.

Tokyo Skytree

Tokyo Skytree - 東京スカイツリー

Constructed in 2010, Tokyo Skytree is the highest building in Japan, and is the tallest tower in the world.

It is surrounded by the modern shopping complex including Tokyo solamachi and Shitamachi Ninjo Kirakira Tachibana Shotengai. It also has Sumida Aquarium which features over 7,000 types of fish.

To visit, Tokyo Skytree Station on the Tobu Skytree Line and Oshiage Station on the Hanzomon Line are the most closest stations.

Ghibli Museum

Ghibli Museum - 三鷹の森ジブリ美術館

Featuring the world of Hayao Miyazaki’s Animations, Ghibli Museum is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Japan. Studio Ghibli is the production team behind famous animated films, such as My Neighbor Totoro, Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away.

Please note, all admission to the Ghibli Museum, Mitaka is by advance reservation only. Please visit their website to make a booking:

Tsukiji Fish Market

Tsukiji Fish Market - 築地場外市場

In 2018 Tsukiji fish market has moved to Toyosu fish market, but the outer market has remained. There are numerous restaurants which offer delicious sushi and sashimi. Although it is mostly famous for fish/seafood, there are shops and restaurants that offer tasty food such as fried potatoes (korokke), egg rolls, Chinese shaomai and buns and many more.

Tsukiji Outer Market is located a short walk from Tsukiji Station on the Hibiya Subway Line or Tsukiji Shijo Station on the Oedo Subway Line.

Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower - 東京タワー

Standing 332.9 metres (1,092 ft), Tokyo Tower is the second tallest structure in Japan. It was built in 1958 and was formerly the tallest building until the Skytree was build in 2010.

You can get up to observatory main deck which is located in 150 metres, or smaller top deck which is at 249.6 metres. The tower also has option for you to walk up the stairs to 150 metres from ground. The fully fenced stairs are located outside of the tower so you can enjoy the natural breeze and clear view while you’re walking up over 600 steps of stairs.

Marunouchi / Tokyo Station

Marunouchi / Tokyo Station - 丸の内・東京駅

Tokyo Station is Japan’s most busiest railway stations with over 3,000 trains arriving and leaving at this station. It is a central hub for travelling or connecting to other cities.

The station is famous for not only railway connections but with the numerous cafes, restaurants and shopping areas around the station. There is a ramen street where eight popular ramen shops are located in a section of Tokyo Station. It also directly connect with the department store Daimaru.


Ginza - 銀座

Ginza is the premier shopping and dining district in Tokyo, Japan. With numerous luxury international brand stores such as Chanel and Bvlgari, and Michelin-starred restaurants, Ginza is considered one of the most expensive, elegant, and luxurious streets in the world.

Although it has high-end profile, there are stores and restaurants/cafes for everyone, such as H&M and Uniqlo.

In the afternoon of weekends and public holidays, the main roads are blocked and becomes pedestrian only zones.

Meiji Jingu

Meiji Jingu - 明治神宮

Meiji Jingu or Meiji Shrine is located in a Shinto grand shrine dedicated to Emperor Meiji (1852-1912) and Empress Shoken, modern Japan’s first emperor and empress. It is said to be Tokyo’s most famous spiritual landmark with millions of people visiting on New Year’s Day.

You’ll find Meiji Shrine nestled in an area with 100,000 trees donated from all around the world. There are 2 gardens – gaien which means outside/external garden, and naien, which means inner garden. There’s an admission fee to access naien.

It is located in close to Harajuku Station and Meiji-jingumae station.