Oita, Japan: Where Tradition Meets Modernity

Nestled on the picturesque eastern coast of Kyushu Island, Oita, Japan, is a city that invites travelers to explore the intriguing intersection of tradition and modernity. Steeped in cultural heritage and framed by stunning natural landscapes, Oita is a destination that captures the essence of both Japan’s rich history and its forward-looking spirit.

One of Oita’s most renowned treasures is the world-famous Beppu Onsen. This collection of hot spring resorts offers a therapeutic and immersive experience, where visitors can relax in rejuvenating thermal waters. Beppu Onsen not only showcases Oita’s commitment to preserving age-old wellness traditions but also its dedication to providing a soothing retreat for travelers seeking relaxation amidst the city’s dynamic blend of tradition and innovation.

Hells of Beppu

Hells of Beppu - 別府地獄

Nestled in the heart of Oita’s Beppu city, the Hells of Beppu, known locally as “Jigoku,” offer a mesmerizing and otherworldly natural spectacle. These hot springs, unlike any other in the world, are renowned for their vibrant and eerie hues, ranging from blood-red to cobalt blue, created by a unique mineral composition.

Each “Hell” has its distinct characteristics, from bubbling mud pits to steaming geysers, making a visit to these geothermal wonders an unforgettable experience. While bathing is not possible in these scorching hot springs, the Hells of Beppu provide a captivating glimpse into the raw power of nature and are a must-see attraction for travelers exploring Oita’s rich cultural and natural heritage.

Kijima Kogen Park

Kijima Kogen Park - 城島高原パーク

Located in the heart of Yufu, Beppu City, within Oita Prefecture, Kijima Kogen Park stands as an enticing destination for adventure enthusiasts and families alike.

This park proudly features a captivating lineup of attractions, including the iconic “Jupiter,” Japan’s very first wooden coaster.

Whether you’re seeking the exhilaration of high-speed rides or opting for family-friendly experiences like the “Kids Driving School,” Kijima Kogen Park promises a day brimming with excitement and cherished memories, all amidst the breathtaking backdrop of Japan’s natural beauty.

Sanrio Character Park Harmony Land

Sanrio Character Park Harmony Land - サンリオキャラクターパーク ハーモニーランド

Nestled in Hiji, Oita Prefecture, Japan, Sanrio Character Park Harmony Land is a whimsical theme park that brings Hello Kitty and other beloved Sanrio characters to life. It’s a joyful haven for fans of all ages, offering character encounters, fun rides, and adorable themed treats. With its cheerful atmosphere, Harmony Land is a delightful destination for families and Sanrio enthusiasts alike.

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