How to Hold Chopsticks Properly?

A lot of Japanese people believe that how you eat represents who you are.

Holding chopsticks in a correct way is a must in Japanese culture. You may need to practice few times to get it right but it is not difficult as you think.

Master the use of chopsticks and you won’t have to order fork from every restaurant you go. (yes, we know how it feels).

Holding chopsticks in a correct form is important

1. Hold one chopstick just like you are holding a pen with your thumb, forefinger and middle finger.

2. Slide the second chopstick below the first chopstick so it’s placed on the base of your thumb and below the middle finger (between the middle and fourth fingers).

3. Move the first (top) chopstick with your forefinger and middle finger. Your thumb is there for support only and should not move.

The tip here is not to move the second (bottom) chopstick. It is only the first (top) chopstick that moves.