10 Useful Japanese Phrases to use in Restaurants in Japan

Sometimes it can be scary to enter a restaurant in foreign country wondering whether you can order the right food. The phrases below will be useful when you are going to restaurant in Japan.

Sekiwa Arimasuka? 席はありますか?
Do you have a seat?
If you are in a group, you can use the following phrase to ask whether they have xx number of seats. (Using finger to show the count also help!)
Futari wa Daijobu Desuka? 二人は大丈夫ですか?
Is 2 people ok?

Sumimasen すみません
Excuse me
Use this phrase to get attention of waiter/waitress

Korewa Nandesuka? これは何ですか?
What is this?

Osusumewa Nandesuka? おすすめは何ですか?
What is your recommendation?

{Food/Drink/Product} wa arimasuka? _______はありますか?
Do you have {Food/Drink/Product}?
Udon wa arimasuka? うどんはありますか?
Do you have udon?
Example 2:
Fooku wa arimasuka? フォークはありますか?
Do you have a fork?

Koreo Kudasai これを下さい
Can I have this

{Food/Drink}O Kudasai ____を下さい
Can I have {Food/Drink}
Cha-shyu-men o kudasai チャーチュー麺を下さい
Can I have Chasyu Ramen
Example 2:
Co-la o kudasai コーラを下さい
Can I have a coke

{Food/Drink}nashide onegaishimasu ____なしでお願いします
Can I have without {Food/Drink} please
Wasabi nashide onegaishimasu ワサビなしでお願いします
Can I have without Wasabi please
Example 2:
Tamago nashide onegaishimasu たまごなしでお願いします
Can I have without eggs please

Otearai wa dokodesuka? お手洗いはどこですか?
Where is the restroom?

Okanjou Onegaishimasu お勘定お願いします
Please get the bill

Oikuradesuka? おいくらですか?
How much?

Gochi so sama deshita ごちそうさまでした
Phrase you use after meal. (Means thank you for meal)