How to wear Yukata – Male & Female

When you go to Onsen, Ryokan or even at some hotels in Japan, they will provide you Yukata instead of bathrobes. Yukata does literally mean “bathing cloth”, and it was originally intended to be just that. However it is commonly worn outside during summer festivals. Yukata often gets confused with kimono but they are different – Yukata is casual and made with cottom fabric, whereas Kimono is of silk fabric.

Step 1. Put on yukata with under garments on.

Step 2. Bring the right side flap of yukata to the left, then left side to the right to fully cover the front of yukata. Check the bottom to make sure the length are even.

Step 3. Get Obi (Sash) and wrap around yukata.
For males, tie the obi around your hip.
For females, tie the obi around your waist.

Step 4. Tie the obi into a bow. To make it easy, tie in front of you, then rotate to your right hand side of waist/hip.