Tonkatsu (とんかつ 豚カツ) is popular Japanese dish. It is a fried crumbed pork with sauce and normally comes with cabbage on side.


Enjoy a range of katsu dishes

There are various way tonkatsu is used in other popular dishes. Some of them include:

Katsu Sand (カツサンド) Katsu sand or Katsu sandwich is a sandwich with slide tonkatsu slices inside.

Katsu Curry (カツカレー) Tonkatsu is served as a topping for Japanese curry rice.

Katsu Don (かつ丼) Katsu don is a popular don dishes where you have tonkatsu, egg and rice.

How to cook Tonkatsu?

Ingredients required to cook Tonkatsu is pork, flour, egg and breadcumbs (panko). The challenge of cooking Tonkatsu is having the frying oil at the right temperature so it doesn’t burn the outside, and cooks inside.