Omurice (オムライス) is a popular Japanese dish, especially for kids. It may look just like a normal omelette but there’s tomato flavoured fried rice inside or under the egg.


Omurice or Omu-Rice is regarded as Yoshoku – western food – in Japan.

There are omurice which has omelette that wraps around tomato rice, and there are ones that has omelette on top of tomato rice.

Great omurice has very soft, fluffy texture which melts in your mouth. In Japanese, it is described as “fuwatoro” (ふわとろ) .

Tomato ketchup is commonly used for the sauce but demi-glace sauce is also popular.

Omurice can be combined with other dishes such as Japanese Curry to create Omu-Curry, and Japanese Stew to create Omu-Stew.

How to cook Omurice?

You will need to cook the inside fried rice first, then finish off with the wrapping omelette.

The fried rice is easy to cook. First cook chopped chicken thighs, then add diced onions. After the onion is brown, add rice and stir well. Once the heat has gone through all the ingredients, add ketchup to flavour. Then put on a plate.

Inside is tomato flavoured fried rice

For the omelette, follow your normal steps just like when you’re making a scrambled eggs. If you add milk to the eggs, the fat in the milk will make the egg more fluffy. Some people use mayonnaise instead of milk to add fat and flavour to the omelette, giving soft fluffy texture.

Using non-stick frying pan, cook egg until it’s semi-cooked. Once you pour egg to the frying-pan, stir gently so the cooked and uncooked part of egg blends in. Once you see there are no more uncooked egg, let it settle for few seconds then put it on top of the tomato rice. It’s best not to fully cook the egg as it will cook inself once you put on the rice with it’s retaining heat.