Natto 納豆 is a traditional Japanese food made from fermented soy beans. It contains living bacteria and has a strong smell and sticky texture. Due to this, Japanese people are divided – they either love natto due to its health benefits, or dislike natto due to the smell and texture.

Natto Rice
Popular Japanese breakfast dish

Natto is known as super health food as it has lot of nutritious benefits. Made of soy beans, it is full of proteins, Vitamins B2, E and K and has few calories.

When you buy natto, it often comes with stock sauce and karashi (mustard). Depending on which part of Japan you’re from, the toppings of natto change. People add soy sauce, grated daikon radish, leek, raw egg, okra and other. It is a common breakfast food, consumed together with rice.

You can buy Natto in supermarkets or convenient stores. There are different sized nattos available, from small beans, medium size beans to large beans.